The Nature Trail

The Nature Trail is a short but enjoyable walk around Gorse Hall. It’s path follows a series of small animal sculptures inspired by the fact that Beatrix Potter visited her Grandparents, John and Jane Leech, who lived at Gorse Hall when she was a small child.

The sculptures have been created by Dave Cudworth who worked with the children from Broadbent Fold School to create the design as part of the Groundwork Trust’s Changing Places. The Nature Trail begins at the main entrance to Gorse Hall which is next to the Methodist Church, High Street or the car park on Quarry Rise.

1st Stop: Walking up the main coach road on your right half way up you will find the RABBIT found in most areas of open countryside. 

2nd stop: Continuing up the drive bear right at the junction and about 120 metres up on the right is the SQUIRREL, the grey variety being most commonly found in our woodlands.

3rd stop: 25 metres on your left you will next find the PICNIC BASKET. The wildlife hoping you will leave some crumbs for them. Don’t forget to take your litter home with you. Plastic bags can kill the wildlife we are trying to protect.

4th stop: Continue along the path to a bend, bearing left take a diagnonal left for 40 metres, on your left within the retaining wall of the bowling green you will find the DOORMOUSE. Field mouse or long tailed they eat seeds or plant food.

5th stop: Follow the main path keeping the bowling green to your left, after 50 metres bear left taking the path through the gorse, 200 metres more and on your left before the pond and you will see the FROGSPAWN. Carry onto the pond and what pond life can you see?

6th stop: Head downhill from the pond to the trees and path, by the path are the old gate posts of Gorse Hall gardens. Here you will find the HEDGEHOG. They eat worms and caterpillars and have prickly spines to protect themselves.

7th stop: Take the path to the right, follow this path to the top of the hill, ahead of you is the millennium viewpoint, a place to rest and view the scenery. 

8th stop: On leaving take the path descending the hill looking to the town of Stalybridge in front of you. Stop at the gap and in the hedge is the LADYBIRD. They eat aphids and usually have seven spots.

9th stop: Going ahead slightly left down the steps and under the large tree you will find the SNAIL. Birds eat snails. You find them under leaves and rotting trees. This is the end of the nature trail, ahead of you is the coach road which will return you to your starting point.